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See what other people are saying about Allegro at Tanoan Apartments in Albuquerque, NM. Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. At Allegro at Tanoan, we strive to fully design our community with the resident in mind. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Allegro at Tanoan so that we can continue to improve. Here, our current and future residents are our top priority.


The apartments are very beautiful and comfortable. Any maintenance issues we experienced and reported were handle completely the next day. The staff in the main office is competent, reliable and friendly. Only reason I moved was I am unable to afford rent living on a substitute teachers salary. However, I truly have plans on moving back to the apartments once I'm financially able.


Verified Resident

Followup to review 4-15-21
I just want to acknowledge that the water puddle problem outside my front door was corrected about 3wks ago and has been dry ever since. Also the scraping of the front door was greatly reduced and barely noticeable now. Thankyou so much James for attending to these issues. Now it is just pure enjoyment living in this beautiful place so close to the mountains. And so much birdsong daily!


Verified Resident

I’ve been a resident for over two years and have been impressed by the professionalism and response of the staff. I recently put in a maintenance request and it was responded to by Richard. He took the time to address the issue and gave me instructions on my future use. Also, Ann, the receptionist, is also very helpful and goes above and beyond to be very helpful to the tenants.


Verified Resident

Move in experience
I moved into Allegro at Tanoan 2 days before Easter weekend. (Thursday April 1, 2021) First I want to thank Yvette for giving me a small discount on my apt to help me stay within my budget. The apt I moved into had been a model and not lived in for some time. I attribute most of the problems that I encountered in the first few days to this. The problems were no hot water, no water coming out of any of the hot water faucets, then only hot water from tub/shower faucet, tub didn’t drain, water not turning off right away at kitchen sink faucet, leak under bathroom sink, light bulb (uncommon) needing replacement in the laundry closet, washer not removing water during spin cycle, my entrance gate pin number not working, front door scraping loudly over the door plate. There is and continues to be water collecting right outside my apt from ?runoff or overflow from water heaters on floors above me. Due to weekend or scheduled vacation, some of the work was delayed until the day after Easter. I want to thank James, the Maintenance Supervisor, for his expertise in solving all of the apt related issues quickly and thoroughly and explaining certain aspects of the plumbing here, without making me feel stupid, though I was ignorant of how certain things operated. The front door scraping is a work in progress, which I feel confident will be completed soon. Richard and Gary were terrific when replacing the washing machine. They were fast, quiet, careful, and balanced the machine well. Gary is new to the maintenance team but was very empathetic and understanding of my concerns and the delay due to the weekend. Ann in the front office was my main contact person for reporting and following up on issues. She is real, sincere, grounded, supportive and very helpful in seeing that jobs are completed, and never objected to seeing me daily for a week, because as she said, ‘it’s her job and she loves it.’ She also solved the gate entrance problem for me. The water collecting daily outside the apartment is still a concern, and in my humble opinion, the water needs to be redirected away from the building so as to avoid safety issues, especially in winter when the water may freeze. All in all I am very happy to meet and know all of the team members and have relaxed into trusting that all concerns will be addressed and to simply enjoying living where I wanted to live. Thank you all for your good work! Sincerely, Maureen O’Reilly


Verified Resident

Beautiful Rest with Excellent Service
At Allegro at Tanoan, you will find a beautiful home waiting for you every night after work or your travel. Spacious bedrooms, quiet neighborhood and wonderful music of nature as birds serenade you every day all day. And, if you happen to experience an issue with you appliances or anything, know it'll be fixed, whenever possible, within 24 hours. Simply call or go to the main office and you're be greeted by warm caring professionals ready to be of service. Tops down, best apartments in Albuquerque and surrounding area. Note: I'm a resident and haven't been paid for my review. Allegro at Tanoan truly is this amazing.


Big kudos to maintenance! They arrived quickly for water heater/heater problem and was able to get it fixed.


Ann is an excellent front desk recipient. She is very kind and has always assisted us whenever we need help. Sometimes we send things that need to be printed at the front office and Ann always stops what she is doing and get's it done for us. If she doesn't know how to help you she gets someone who can.


I absolutely loved living at Allegro! The unit was nice and modern, I had a great view of the mountains, my neighbors were nice and I always felt safe. Shoutout to Tina, who always made herself available to her tenants and went above and beyond with every request. I fully recommend living here! They also take COVID safety protocols very seriously which is nice to see.



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